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A domain name is your virtual address on the web.

Every domain name on the Internet is unique. Registering a domain reserves it so no one else in the world can use that name. No matter what you're building, every website needs a domain name.

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The first step is to search for a domain name that is available for registration. The .com domain is the most popular option but there are lots of other domain extensions (the letters that appear to the right of the dot) you can use to create a unique combination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is domain name registration?

It’s actually pretty simple. It’s the process of searching for a web address (like or and if it’s available you can lease it for a specific period of time (usually one year or more). You can think of the process as being similar to registering a vanity license plate for your car. As long as you keep paying the annual renewal fee, the name is yours to use.

How do I get a domain name?

Not to worry. The process is pretty simple. There are just four steps you need to follow to register your own domain name.

First, decide on the domain extension you want to register. The most popular ones are .COM, .NET, and .ORG. These extensions have been around the longest and have wide recognition. There are literally hundreds of other extensions to choose from.

Think about the name you want on the other side of the dot. It could be the name of your business, the locality your serve, or a specific industry.

Type the domain you want into the search box at the top of this page to see if it is available for registration. We will also show you similar matching names that are available.

Add one or more of the names to your shopping cart and complete the checkout process. You are now the proud owner of your very own domain name. As long as it’s registered to you, no one else can use it.

How long does my domain name registration last? How do I renew my domain?

The length of a domains’s registration can vary based on the domain extension you purchase. Most domain registrars will allow you to register a name for up to 10 years at a time. However customers typically register domains for one to three years.

If you want to extend your registration, it’s easy to keep your domains automatically renewing year after year. You have the choice of manually renewing or setting up auto-renewal.

Got any tips on finding a good domain name?

Absolutely. Although it can be easy to register a domain name, choosing a good one will take a bit of thought. Here are some ideas:

Keep it short and simple. The shorter the domain, the easier it will be to spell and remember. This is why many businesses will use their name as the domain name.

Use keywords in your domain name to showcase the primary intent of your website. If you sell cookies, using words like “bakery” or “shop” in your name can help describe what your business or site is all about.

If your business serves a specific geographic area, you might include the name of the city or state. You might also check to see if a country specific extension is available – like .US, .UK, .CA – these can help describe the location of your business.

Avoid numbers and hyphens if possible. When you tell someone your web address they won’t know if they need to type the number “4” or “four” in your name. If your business has a number in its name, you might consider registering both versions and redirecting one to the other so customers will always find your business. Hyphens are generally accepted as looking unprofessional in domain names.

Make sure not to register one that would infringe on the trademark or copyrights of another company so you don’t risk losing the name or legal issues.

Registering multiple names for the same website can be a great way to increase traffic and prevent copycats from snatching up similar names once your site becomes popular.