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Dedicated IP Address

Build your business on its own unique IP address.

$4.99 / per month

Perfect for advanced
hosting solutions.

A Dedicated Hosting IP address gives your hosting account a unique address that's not shared with any other website on the Internet. So if you need direct access to your server while DNS changes are propagating, or adding an SSL certificate, a dedicated IP address may be perfect for you.

Access your site anytime

With a dedicated IP address, you can reach your website even during DNS propagation periods. Simply type your dedicated hosting IP address in your browser address bar.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Dedicated IP?

Most websites on the same server share the same IP address with other hosting accounts. Most of the time this is alright. But, you may need a dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) address (also known as a static IP) if you have a VPS or dedicated server with heavy traffic and SSL encryption requirements.

Why would I need a Dedicated IP?

There are many reasons for needing a dedicated IP address. For example:

  • Direct Access – when you change your domain’s zone file records, the DNS propagation time can take anywhere from several minutes to hours or days. A dedicated IP address allows you to continue accessing your server’s resources like FTP or browsing your site even while DNS changes are still pending.
  • SSL Certificates – SSL certificates require a dedicated IP address. Any website that accepts sensitive information like payments or personal data should be protected with SSL. A static IP (Dedicated IP) allows you to connect visitors to your server through a secure tunnel. (Our SSL certificates include a Dedicated IP, so you do not need to purchase a Dedicated IP credit separately if you are adding a certificate to your site on your shared hosting account.)
What are the advantages of a Dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP address provides an exclusive and secure identification point for your sites and their domain names. Most domain names share their IP address with hundreds of other websites and if one causes an issue, it can impact all of the others.

Some search engines penalize IP addresses for sending spam email. With a dedicated IP address, you can avoid the risk of damaging your email delivery.

Some experts believe a dedicated IP or static IP address can even help boost your search engine ranking because search engines like unique addresses. A dedicated IP won’t be connected to anything other than your sites.

How do I purchase a Dedicated IP for my hosting account?

Purchasing a dedicated IP address is as simple as clicking “Add to Cart” at the top of this page. Once you checkout, you can login to your account dashboard and assign the IP address to a resource.

Are you looking for a dedicated IP for your SSL certificate? No need! All of our SSL certificates come with a dedicated IP already attached to them. When you apply the SSL to your hosting account, the dedicated IP address will be automatically assigned.

How do I add a Dedicated IP to my shared hosting account?

To add a dedicated IP address to your hosting account, login to your account, click on Web Hosting, and then click the options button next to the account you want to add the IP address to. From the customize tab, you can purchase a new dedicated IP address or apply a dedicated IP credit that you already purchased.

It can take 24-48 hours before the new IP address is active on your hosting account.