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We are pleased to announce the launch of MojoEngine Domains. Customers now have the ability to use our custom domain name search tool to perform keyword searches, see what’s available for registration, and get ideas on similar domain names. Domains will readily integrate seamlessly with our other products like Managed WordPress and Website Builder.

Be sure to check out our directory page listing all of the domains available for registration on MojoEngine. Customers will now have the ability to register everything from .SITE to .STORE domain names. The sky is the limit!

All of the standard features that you would normally expect when you register a domain come included – domain locking, WHOIS record management, automatic renewal, and DNS. Customer domains will be hosted on our DNS servers by default but will have the ability to setup custom name servers to use third party DNS providers if they wish.

If a domain name you wish to register is already taken, domain backordering can attempt to get it for you.